We all are experiencing some trying times during this COVID-19 pandemic. Social distancing, washing hands and using masks and gloves have been important in keeping us all healthy. Prohibiting guests from visiting your building or apartment is just as important for every resident. We are also doing our part by cleaning and sanitizing various common areas of our buildings, and by reducing contact between persons by closing our offices to the public, closing community rooms and public rest rooms, and by having maintenance staff addressing emergency items only.


The ACHA will also be helping those who have had reductions in income or loss of employment. To receive an adjustment in rent, you must notify your property management office in writing or on-line within in 10 days. The ACHA will make interim changes a priority. The following is a new quick and easy on-line method of notifying us of your changes of income, employment or family size

Low Income Public Housing Income Reduction Request

Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8) Income Reduction Request

Additionally, please send verification of income to:

For Low Income Public Housing email hmo@achsng.com or fax to 412-355-8954 or mail the verification to P.O. Box 397 McKees Rocks, PA 15136

The Housing Choice Voucher Program is permitting self-certification for reduction in income. All increases in income must continue to be reported.

Low Income Public Housing - PAYMENT OF RENT

All residents must continue to pay their established rent which is due by the first of each month. There are several easy ways to pay rent so that you do not become delinquent:

Although some things are different at this time, there is no change in the requirement to pay your rent each month. Likewise, the ACHA will continue to serve our residents in the best manner possible while operating on a reduced schedule. Thank you for your cooperation and stay safe.